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Easy to implement  - No site redesign – No programming

Affordable – In the past, only large, well-funded organizations could afford customized video streaming.  Now, Publishing Support has partnered with a leading streaming technology development company to help even small publications join the exciting and lucrative world of online streaming media. We utilize the best technology from the streaming, hosting, storage and encoding industries to provide a fast, easy, low cost way for publishers to immediately begin video streaming on their web sites.  For small to medium sized publications, we charge just $150 per :30 or :60 second video.

Fast, Easy Setup – No need to purchase, set-up or maintain expensive servers and data systems of your own.  Publishing Support does the work for you.  Simply have your advertiser send their video to us and we will encode the video and load it onto the worlds largest Content Delivery Network.  Your webmaster just simply cuts-and-pastes four lines of code onto any page on your website…and Voila! … you are streaming your advertiser’s video at the click of a visitor’s button.   The end result is that visitors to your web site can watch web-streaming video within moments of their first click, at the maximum possible quality without having to worry about where to store the large files or waiting a long time to view a complete download.

Get the Competitive Edge – According to the marketing research firm, eMarketer, advertising revenue from online video will almost double this next year because many companies and organizations like yours clearly understand the power of this exciting new media to provide a competitive edge.  They project online video ad revenue to hit $775 million this year!1   Be the first publication in your market to offer advertisers this growing opportunity and expand your profits.

High Quality – One of the biggest problems with current streaming packages is the price vs. quality.  To employ a fully functional Content Delivery Network (CDN), incorporating dedicated, load balanced streaming servers, the price is usually out of reach.  On the other hand, the cheap affordable option of generating progressive download streams from your current ISP reduces your stream quality and reliability (more than 5 simultaneous viewers will typically crash a T1 line based system that is not on a Content Delivery Network).  Publishing Support provides you with a high quality streaming package through the largest CDN in the world for a price unheard of in the industry.

Video works great for these types of advertisers:
auto, apparel, home improvement, real estate, food, restaurants, travel, entertainment, health & beauty, fitness, nutrition, outdoor products, home decorating, jewelry, electronics, books, videos, music clubs, event promotion . . .


1 DIRECT Magazine, January 2007, “Online Video Ads Get a Boost”.

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