A Digital Edition™ digital magazine is an enhanced electronic magazine replica presented online. The on-screen "print magazine layout" formatted digital magazine can be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime over the Internet. This digital magazine solution provides new readership, advertiser, publication brand, and profitability growth opportunities for publishers. The additional advertising revenue, alone, can more than offset the cost of your new digital edition.

Publishing Support has partnered with iDigital Edition™ to offer  offers digital magazine production, hosting, reporting, and rich media enhancements at very reasonable prices. This exciting partnership allows you to expand into the digital arena without a lot of additional effort and resources to help achieve a good return on investment over a relatively short period of time.


  • Time sensitive information like event calendars and breaking news gain early access by subscribers.  The digital edition can be online within a few days of when the issue files are sent to the printer.  Subscribers can access it a week to two weeks earlier than when they receive that issue in their mailbox.
  • New subscribers can get instant gratification by accessing their first issue online. 
  • Foreign subscribers don’t have to experience postal delays.  Publishers can save mailing costs and expand foreign circulation by offering them digital editions as an alternative to their printed editions.
  • Digital editions are a lower cost and faster method for getting a sample issue immediately into the hands of trial subscribers or advertising prospects.
  • Advertising revenue expands as digital editions offer a new upsell opportunity with rich media enhancements (graphics, video, links) and sponsorships that are added to the digital pages.
  • Digital editions gain attention and reclaim ad dollars from advertisers that have been moving from magazines to new, internet based, media.


Your print PDF files are simply sent to us at the same time as they are sent to your printer.  Digital Edition™ will then put them into a web browser friendly format that helps readers navigate as well as allows for rich media enhancements like web links, embedded or pop up videos and Flash graphics.  The Digital Edition™ system hosts current and past issues and provides reporting that gives publishers click-through statistics for each issue and for each page within an issue.  

We coordinate with a publisher’s subscription fulfillment company to create gateways that allow for only subscribers or special groups to gain access to the digital content. We also help publishers provide materials to their advertising staff to create sales materials, show demos and set up advertising packages and pricing. Publishing Support can also create for you and your advertisers rich media enhancements to add to your digital edition, such as Flash graphics and streaming video.

You get a top-notch product carried every step of the way by the partnership of Publishing Support and Digital Edition™ so you get a seamless and speedy entry into this exciting new opportunity of digital editions.


To see a live Digital Edition™ magazine, click on the cover, below.

For more information and pricing, call Publishing Support at 719-484-0280